About Jodi

Jodi Henry’s jewelry is a unique reflection of simplicity at it’s best. All of her pieces in her signature line are hand made of solid 14kt gold and Sterling Silver. She also incorporates semi precious stones. The pieces are lightweight and easy to take from day to night. My design preference is a modern feel mixed with traditional to create a simple design that will last for generations.

I have always had a passion for jewelry that is distinct and unique and this passion brought me to start a career in jewelry design.

Through shopping for certain items and not finding the perfect piece, I started to dabble in sketches.

I was given a wonderful gift to study under a local jeweler to learn the basics & it bloomed from there. I focus on lightweight because I don’t like an earring to drag my pierced ear down. All the earrings I found tugged on my lobe and eventually ripped the piercing down. I know you ladies out there can relate to that!